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Homeopathic Help for Toothaches 1

Homeopathic Help for Toothaches

Dental problems include caries, pulpitis, hypersensitivity, gingivitis, jaw pain, food impaction, abscesses, teething difficulties and more. Here’s a list of useful remedies for them.

Treatment of Abscesses. 2

Treatment of Abscesses.

Six remedies for six different types of canine abscesses. Choose the right one and your doggy friend will be back to wagging his or her tail in no time.

Case: Retro-Orbital Abscess 3

Case: Retro-Orbital Abscess

Chelsea the Cocker Spaniel had stopped eating and was lethargic with a high fever, painful mouth, and retro-orbital abscess. Read which remedies came to her rescue.

Homeopathy for Abscess 4

Homeopathy for Abscess

The symptoms always show which remedy is needed for a speedy resolution with homeopathy – throbbing, prickling or burning pain, watery or thick pus, colour of pus, and so on.

Remedies for Dental Complaints 5

Remedies for Dental Complaints

Abscess, tenderness to warm or cold liquids, dry socket, night grinding, pain, bleeding, anxiety before an appointment? Homeopathy has you covered.

Homeopathy for Dental Complaints 6

Homeopathy for Dental Complaints

Abscess, teething, TMJ pain, gingivitis, haemorrhage, teeth grinding, neuralgia, salivation, toothache, and more. Here’s a list of remedies.

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