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Brain Injury - Homeopathic Help 1

Brain Injury – Homeopathic Help

In this 2009 study, homeopathy stimulated significant improvement in people with traumatic brain injury – even when that injury was of many years duration. Read what happened.

Homeopathy changes brain activity 2

Homeopathy changes brain activity

Researchers, using an electroencephalogram (EEG), have measured changes in brain activity after test subjects were given a homeopathic remedy for stress. The changes were similar to those seen with related …

Coma and the Homeopathic Effect 3

Coma and the Homeopathic Effect

Reports of people emerging from coma and vegetative states following doses of Stillnox, a hypnotic sedative, demonstrate “like treats like” effect of homeopathy. 

Brain injury - Homeopathy helps 5

Brain injury – Homeopathy helps

Recent research shows increased rates of dementia, depression and suicide in ex-footballers who have had frequent blows to the head during their sport. One news report says: “The evidence from …

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