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Homeopathy with Chemotherapy 1

Homeopathy with Chemotherapy

Homeopathy is supported by the government and widely used in India so it’s not unusual to read of recommendations by doctors for its use with the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Professor: Cancer & Homeopathy 2

Professor: Cancer & Homeopathy

This medical professor explains why it makes sense to use homeopathy for cancer patients – even when advanced. It’s affordable and increases quality of life.

Homeopathy & Cancer? 3

Homeopathy & Cancer?

“Clinical reports reveal that the tumors completely regressed in 19 per cent or 4158 of cases, and stabilized or improved in a further 21 per cent (4596) of patients.” 

Homeopathy & Radiation Therapy 4

Homeopathy & Radiation Therapy

Did you know that homeopaths were the first to use radiation for cancer treatment? This is one of several instances in which homeopathy has behind medical breakthroughs.

Placebo Effect on Cancer? 5

Placebo Effect on Cancer?

“Several homeopathic remedies are as effective as powerful chemotherapy, according to clinical trials, and thousands of cancer cases are being reversed by homeopathy alone.”

Homeopathy and Cancer Treatment 6

Homeopathy and Cancer Treatment

From time to time homeopaths have documented long term recoveries from cancer. Manfred Mueller explores this subject in detail with a fascinating article.

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