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Christmas Emotions 1

Christmas Emotions

Feeling stressed, irritable, overwhelmed, disappointed, or sad and out-of-sorts? Or perhaps you’re dealing with a wired or clingy child. All these turmoils respond to homeopathy

Christmas Survival Remedies 2

Christmas Survival Remedies

We all aim for a happy and fun Christmas but sometimes things go wrong. Think of these important remedies when you need to restore joy and peace to your Christmas.

Celebrations & Overindulgence 3

Celebrations & Overindulgence

The festive and New Year season is upon us. Should good intentions lapse, homeopathic remedies can help when healthy diets are spiked by too many treats and delicacies

Avoid that Hangover 4

Avoid that Hangover

Norwich homeopath Kathy Payne gives some excellent tips on how to survive the silly season this year with information on: Eating isn’t cheating! Know Your Limits Stick to your guns …

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