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Homeopathy in Down Syndrome 1

Homeopathy in Down Syndrome

A paediatrician tells how he used homeopathy for poor feeding, constipation, respiratory complaints, and other problems in children with Downs Syndrome. 

Homeopathy and Constipation 2

Homeopathy and Constipation

Compare the conventional and homeopathic options for the treatment of constipation. A list of common homeopathic remedies and a relevant study is provided. 

Homeopathy for Allergies 3

Homeopathy for Allergies

Allergy medications produce unwanted side-effects. Homeopathy offers a non-toxic approach for sensitive immune systems. Relevant research is included, included. 

Remedies for Constipation 4

Remedies for Constipation

Compare the homeopathic and conventional approach to this all too common problem. A list of useful remedies with symptom descriptions is provided.

Aging Wisely with Homeopathy 5

Aging Wisely with Homeopathy

The good doctors from the BHA take a look at homeopathy for the difficulties of aging – grief, constipation, prostate problems, isolation, mental slowness, and sleep problems.

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