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Dairy Cattle Mastitis

Ask Kaviraj -- July 2011 1

Ask Kaviraj — July 2011

You asked and Kaviraj responded with homeopathic options for black spot on roses, cabbage butterflies, mastitis in dairy cattle, Lyme-infected ticks, and more.

Ask Kaviraj -- Issue 9 2

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 9

Do you have trouble with cabbage butterflies, dairy cattle mastitis, or Lyme-infected ticks? Read what agrohomeopathy expert, Kaviraj has to say on these and more matters.

NZ dairy farmers use homeopathy 3

NZ dairy farmers use homeopathy

The Gray’s favourite remedies include gunpowder for infection, phytolacca for mastitis, ignatia for milk let down and settling calves, arnica for traumatic births, and ‘dry cow’ remedy when drying off the herd.

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