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Help for Emotional Kids 1

Help for Emotional Kids

Frazzled parents, heads up! The good doctors from the BHA discuss potential remedies for moody, shy, scared, stroppy, irritable, and reactive children.

Animals and Homeopathy 2

Animals and Homeopathy

Judging by these 14 articles, the good doctors from the BHA (some of whom are Vets) view animal health as seriously as human health. Look at what they treat!

France: Threat to Homeopathy 3

France: Threat to Homeopathy

“In virtually every French family’s medicine chest, there’s at least one tube of spherical pills that look something like Tic Tacs … that many French and their doctors swear by.”

Homeopathic Remedy, Glonoine 4

Homeopathic Remedy, Glonoine

The good doctors from the BHA present cases and problems that respond to homeopathic Glonoine – sunstroke, headaches, menstrual problems, confusion, and more.

Hay Fever and Rhinitis 6

Hay Fever and Rhinitis

The good doctors from the BHA advise on how to use homeopathy for sneezing, burning nasal discharges, itchy eyes, stuffed-up nose, wheezing, and more.

Management of Eczema 7

Management of Eczema

The good doctors from the BHA present 2 cases in which homeopathy was invaluable for eczema that covered the body, didn’t respond to steroid creams, and flared with anxiety.

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