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Recovering from Heartbreak 1

Recovering from Heartbreak

It would be wonderful if relationships always ended pleasantly but, people being people, that’s not always the case. Homeopathy helps with the emotional fallout.

Support for Emotional Issues 2

Support for Emotional Issues

Broken relationships, family squabbles, marital breakdowns – all produce emotional upheavals that may extend beyond the initial trauma. Here’s a list of remedies to consider.

Homeopathy Helps Obesity 3

Homeopathy Helps Obesity

It works to reduce cravings, rebalance hormones, and stabilise emotions so that it’s easier for the overweight person to make better lifestyle choices.

Panic Stop Instructions 4

Panic Stop Instructions

Contains remedies traditionally used for the symptoms of panic and anxiety such as heightened emotions, weakness, palpitations, sweating, diarrhoea and the desire to avoid the problem. Instructions Shake the bottle. Place approximately …

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