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Nutmeg as the homeopathic remedy, Nux Moschata (Nux-m.)

Know Your Remedies: Nux Moschata (Nux-m.)

Who would have thought that the common nutmeg spice, regularly used in cooking, could treat symptoms such as confusion and sleepiness when potentised into a remedy?

Know Your Remedies: Camphora Officinale (Camph.) 1

Know Your Remedies: Camphora Officinale (Camph.)

Camphora is an important remedy for sensations of coldness - in general or isolated parts - and types of collapse as may occur in sunstroke, fainting, dysentery or cholera.

Remedies for Fainting 2

Remedies for Fainting

Fainting may be associated with restlessness, a feeling of impending doom, shock, joy, grief, bad news, hysteria ... or a number of symptoms. Homeopathy can help.