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Homeopathic Help for Phobias 1

Homeopathic Help for Phobias

Darkness, spiders, holes, dogs, knives, birds, bridges, hair – phobias are as unique and individual as the person who suffers with them. Sounds like a job for homeopathy.

Teenager with Multiple Phobias 2

Teenager with Multiple Phobias

What do you do if you have had homeopathic treatment for 3 years with no improvement? It’s well and truly time to try a another homeopath … and this person did just that.

Homeopathic Help for Nightmares 3

Homeopathic Help for Nightmares

Bad dreams and nightmares are terrifying – and they’re regularly experienced by 8% of the population. Wake in fear no more with these timely and helpful remedies.

Homeopathy for Anger 4

Homeopathy for Anger

“… it is said that anger is the umbrella emotion and it covers numerous feelings like hurt, embarrassment, rejection, fear, insecurity.” Here’s 5 remedies for those feelings and anger.

Three ways we can help.