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Remedies for IBS 1

Remedies for IBS

When IBS is concerned, the selection of an effective homeopathic remedy depends on the consideration of the individuality of the patient and their mental and physical symptoms. 

Homeopathy for Easier Digestion 3

Homeopathy for Easier Digestion

Here are ten handy remedies for IBS, gastritis and other digestive tract symptoms such as evening pains, loud or forceful belching, and flatulence.

Remedies for Common Issues 5

Remedies for Common Issues

Headaches? Migraines? IBS? Anxiety? Depression? Cold or flu? Menopausal symptoms? Take a look at the remedies that regularly help these and other common complaints.

Homeopathy Research Institute newsletter 6

Homeopathy Research Institute newsletter

Ready for a little more research and learning? The latest Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) newsletter has the following studies and stories: Can homeopathic complexes stimulate cancer-fighting cells? HRI Conference 2013 …

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