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'Small' Remedy Cases 1

‘Small’ Remedy Cases

A doctor shares cases in which lesser known remedies were successfully used for asthma, heel pain, a deltoid muscle tear, itchiness, and more.

Remedies for Eczema Sufferers 2

Remedies for Eczema Sufferers

What do Sulphur, Arsenicum, Graphites and Psorinum have in common? They’re key remedies for eczema symptoms such as dryness, cracking, itchiness, and weeping.

Itching Skin and Knee Pain 3

Itching Skin and Knee Pain

“I have black patches that have spread all across the body, with intense itching that bothers me all the time … I used to be a very active lady but now I just be in my room.”

Homeopathy for Poison Ivy 4

Homeopathy for Poison Ivy

Where to turn when hit with poison ivy? Homeopathy has remedies for the swelling, intense itchiness, yellowish symptoms, sticky discharges, and more. 

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