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Homeopathy for Breast Disease 1

Homeopathy for Breast Disease

A 35-year-old woman was diagnosed with the inflammatory disease of granulomatous mastitis. Her breast was lumpy and oozing pus. Homeopathic treatment led to recovery.

Remedies for Breastfeeding 2

Remedies for Breastfeeding

Has breastfeeding been challenging or painful? Before giving up consider homeopathy for mastitis, thrush, poor milk production, oversupply, cracked nipples, and more.

Sore Breasts? 3

Sore Breasts?

Mastitis can be either inflammatory or infectious. Here’s the conventional and homeopathic approach for both. Helpful remedies and relevant research is listed.

Video: Homeopathy Complements 4

Video: Homeopathy Complements

A doctor talks of her love for homeopathy and the conditions she has successfully treated using this therapy – recurring infections, mastitis, herpes, and more.

Homeopathy for Mastitis 5

Homeopathy for Mastitis

Mastitis – inflammation or infection of the breast – feels like the flu and causes fever, aches and pains. Here’s a list of helpful remedies and a comparison of treatment approaches.

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