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Menopause: Why Homeopathy? 1

Menopause: Why Homeopathy?

It’s a natural life-transition for all women but some experience hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, depression, and more. Here are 12 of the best remedies.

HRT or Homeopathy? 2

HRT or Homeopathy?

The homeopathic and conventional approaches to menopausal symptoms are compared, and a list of helpful remedies provided. Links to relevant research are included.

Depression During Menopause 3

Depression During Menopause

Depression – it’s a common symptom menopause. Homeopathy has a lot to offer it and other associated symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and loss of confidence.

Menopause: Beating the heat naturally 5

Menopause: Beating the heat naturally

Homeopathy reduces the frequency and severity of hot flushes. Its a safe and healthy alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy and can significantly improve women’s quality of life.

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