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Wheat and Dairy Allergy 1

Wheat and Dairy Allergy

Two main reasons people give for using homeopathy is that it’s safe, and that it works. But what about those with a wheat or dairy intolerance – can they still use remedies?

Help for Lactose Intolerance 2

Help for Lactose Intolerance

Do you suffer from bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea from milk intolerance? Here are 5 key homeopathic remedies that may help.

Trituration: Making Insoluble Substances Soluble 3

Trituration: Making Insoluble Substances Soluble

It’s easy to make homeopathic remedies out of soluble substances – just repeatedly dilute and succuss (agitate vigorously) – but what happens when the base substance is insoluble as with […]