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Pet's Life Saved by Homeopathy 1

Pet’s Life Saved by Homeopathy

“My heart was broken. They told me if I hadn’t brought him in when I did that Jack would have only lived three more days, at most … The only thing left to try was homeopathy.”

Aussie Pets and Natural Care 2

Aussie Pets and Natural Care

“Now, new research has found that nearly 1 in 2 pet owners are willing to try allied health services or alternative therapies to improve their pet’s health and wellbeing.”

Alternate Therapies for Animals 3

Alternate Therapies for Animals

The fundamental right to the freedom of choice in the healthcare of our animals is currently being eroded by governing bodies in several countries. Here’s a report on the situation.

Animals and Homeopathy 4

Animals and Homeopathy

Judging by these 14 articles, the good doctors from the BHA (some of whom are Vets) view animal health as seriously as human health. Look at what they treat!

Homeopathy Worked for Mimi 5

Homeopathy Worked for Mimi

“Within two days’ Mimi’s fits had completely stopped. She’s never had to go on medication again and she’s been completely healthy …”

Placebo? What placebo! 6

Placebo? What placebo!

Read about Katie, a lab who had a terrible time with itching. She would scratch until she bled and keep the entire family awake at night and had a huge appetite. 

Homeopathy kills pets? 7

Homeopathy kills pets?

Quick Bits… So say a group of ill-informed vets. A spokesman for the BAHVS called them out. He said, those who opposed homeopathy had an ‘axe to grind.’ Read more …

A homeopathic vet's story 8

A homeopathic vet’s story

Wendy Jensen, a homeopathic veterinarian who runs a house-call service from her home, explains why she chooses to treat animals with homeopathy, and why she may never retire.

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