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Anxiety and Panic Attacks 1

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Do you shake at the knees, tremble when giving a speech, or cancel engagements at the last minute because you just cannot face them?

Arnica: A Clinical Snapshot 2

Arnica: A Clinical Snapshot

Arnica is a remedy to consider for types of head injury, pain worsened by touch, pounding headaches, PTSD, acne with abscesses, herpes zoster … and more.

Homeopathy and PTSD 3

Homeopathy and PTSD

Can’t relax? Worried about family? Easily lose your temper, or feel rushed and confused? These 9 remedies should be considered for those struggling with PTSD symptoms.

Treating PTSD with Homeopathy 4

Treating PTSD with Homeopathy

Are you nervous and not sleeping? Have uncontrollable anguish, fear or gloom? Feel irritable, depressed or delirious? See the many remedies for PTSD symptoms. 

Healing from PTSD and Shock 5

Healing from PTSD and Shock

Shock from an unexpected accident can leave us in a tearful and disbelieving state. When emotions linger, pain, depression, fatigue or insomnia can follow. Homeopathy helps.

Homeopathy for Anxiety Disorders 6

Homeopathy for Anxiety Disorders

Are you bothered by anxiety, phobias or panic attacks? What about obsessive-compulsive (OCD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Do you feel overwhelmed, immobilized, and unable to accomplish the task at …

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