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Homeopathy, Seizures & Children 1

Homeopathy, Seizures & Children

Parents of 3 children with cerebral palsy or congenital microcephaly, turned to homeopathy when concerned about the side-effects of conventional drugs.

Epilepsy and Its Management 2

Epilepsy and Its Management

“If you base your prescription merely on physical symptoms of epilepsy and seizure type, the recovery may be temporary. However…” What else does this doctor say about homeopathy?

Epilepsy Remedies 3

Epilepsy Remedies

Compare and contrast the conventional and homeopathic approaches to epilepsy, and the homeopathic remedies traditionally used for seizure-related symptoms.

Benign Epilepsy and Homeopathy 4

Benign Epilepsy and Homeopathy

“The seizures started at age 8 after the death of her grand-mother whom she was very close to. Episodes included salivation, tingling in hands & convulsive movements of the arms.”

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