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Remedies for Shingles 1

Remedies for Shingles

A doctor explores six leading remedies that shorten the length and severity of a shingles outbreaks plus prevent or treat post-herpetic neuralgia.

Remedies for Herpes Zoster 2

Remedies for Herpes Zoster

“There are a number of Homoeopathic medicines to treat herpes but each individual case is taken in detail and the remedy selected on basis of the individual’s symptoms.”

Shingles & Homeopathy 3

Shingles & Homeopathy

“On the emotional level, she became irritable very easily and had uncontrollable anger outbursts during which she screamed and wanted to do kickboxing.”

Homeopathy for shingles 4

Homeopathy for shingles

Shingles is painful and the post-shingles neuralgia many go on to suffer can be just as bad. Eight remedies for shingles or residual pain offer help. 

Stop Shingles in its Tracks 5

Stop Shingles in its Tracks

Rick had shingles on his back, and Sheila had it in her eye (ouch!) until homeopathy helped clear it for both of them. In this article from the National Center …

Shingles, Vitamins and Homeopathy 7

Shingles, Vitamins and Homeopathy

Debbie and friends from HWC discuss homeopathic remedies and other treatment options for shingles. “Herpes zoster (commonly known as shingles) is a viral infection that causes extremely painful blisterlike eruptions …

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