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Remedies for Conn’s Syndrome 1

Remedies for Conn’s Syndrome

In a case of Conn’s syndrome (primary hyperaldosteronism), the symptoms of anxiety, trembling, palpitations, fear of death, and nervousness were clues to the curative remedy.

Know Your Remedies: Oleander (Olnd.) 2

Know Your Remedies: Oleander (Olnd.)

Common Names: Rose laurel; Nerium oleander; Nerium. General Information Oleander (Olnd.) is a key remedy for skin and gastrointestinal complaints, both of which are aggravated by acidic food. Skin complaints …

Remedies for Multiple Sclerosis 4

Remedies for Multiple Sclerosis

Homeopathic and conventional approaches for this disorder are compared and a list of remedies provided for associated shooting pains, weakness, trembling, bladder paralysis, and more.

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