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Tutorial 10 – Direction of Cure

Little Joshua had developed eczema not long after birth. Within weeksit had spread from the creases of his elbows and knees to around thefolds of his neck. Now, every time …


Tutorial 11 – Return of Old Symptoms

In previous tutorials we have discussed the Law of Similars, Vital Force, Direction of Cure, palliation, and suppression. In this tutorial, we will see all these concepts at work in …


Tutorial 14 – That First Appointment

For most people, their first visit to a homeopath a surprising experience. The consultation is lengthier than that required for a doctor, and the questions asked extend well beyond those of the …

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Tutorial 15 – What to Expect (Part A)

Different people have different experiences following their first homeopathic treatment. For some, the results are dramatic and profound; for others, they seem mild and almost unnoticeable. Knowing why these differences …

Pilulepromotion (1)

Tutorial 16 – What to Expect (Part B)

This tutorial continues on from Part A of ‘What to Expect From Your First Prescription’. Once you have taken your first dose of a homeopathic remedy, one of the following …

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