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Tutorial 14 – That First Appointment

The information you provide during your first appointment is used by your homeopath to choose the most appropriate remedy so it makes good sense to prepare beforehand.

Tutorial 10 – Direction of Cure

Palliation and suppression gradually weakens vitality which can worsen health. Learn about the “direction of cure” signs that indicate when deep healing is taking place.

Tutorial 9 – Palliation, Supression or Cure?

When unwell, our body always tries to heal itself but we often try to help it along with treatments that either palliate, suppress or cure. Each approach has ramifications for our future health.

Tutorial 7 – The Vital Force

Chi, prana, life essence, bioenergy, vital force – they’re names used in various cultures for the life energy that resides in and animates all living things. Homeopathy acts at this level.

Tutorial 6 – Provings

Unlike most conventional trials, homeopathic remedies are tested on healthy volunteers to reveal the symptoms each has the potential to treat.

Tutorial 4 – Three Scales of Potency

How are homeopathic remedies prepared and what’s the difference between the quinquagintamillesimal, centesimal, and decimal potencies? We provide the answers.