Tackling Multimorbidity and Resistance to Antibiotics

  • Global epidemic of many people these days suffer from multiple morbidities meaning many diseases.
  • After the age of 65 many have at least 2 chronic diseases. (such as Hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure).
  • Therefore more likely to be taking many antibiotics giving an 80% chance of adverse drug reaction.
  • With no new class of antibiotics introduced since the 1970’s findings show antibiotics are being overused.
  • He believes that an alternative is required and Homeopathy can reduce antibiotic use and is effective.
  • Clear evidence of the benefits in using homeopathy in children with upper respiratory infection.
  • Large Scale study in France called Epi3 (approx. 70,000) compares homeopathy to conventional and mixed practice. At least 5% of GP’s in France incorporate Homeopathy in their practice.

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