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Homeopathy in Healthcare – a Swiss Government Report

Homeopathy in Healthcare - a Swiss Government Report 11 Have you had a chance to look at the Swiss government report into homeopathy yet? It’s comprehensive – and big … 300 pages long.

Here are just some of its findings:
1. Twenty-nine studies for upper respiratory tract infections/ allergic reactions were looked at in which twenty-four showed a positive result in favour of homeopathy.
2. Six out of seven studies showed homeopathy was more effective than conventional treatments. The seventh trial found it to be equivalent to conventional medical treatment.
3. The homeopathic studies were without the side effects common to conventional drug treatments.

Copies of the report can be purchased from the following web-site and sections of it can also be read online.

The reports abstract and conclusion can be read at the following PubMed link:

Dana Ullman provides a preliminary look at the contents of this report (with more to come) that can be read at the Huffington Post:

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