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A Letter from AIDS Clinics in Africa

A Letter from AIDS Clinics in Africa 9Camilla and Jeremy Sherr update us with what is happening in their AIDS clinics in Africa. They say:

“The successes have been tremendous. We are getting excellent results with AIDS patients using classical homoeopathy. We see impressive results with symptom improvement, CD4, weight, energy gain, and reducing side effects of ARV treatment. We have narrowed down a group of remedies suitable for AIDS in Africa, and have published several articles and lectured on these, so that what we have learnt can be used by others. We also treat many non-HIV patients. This month Camilla saw a blind Maasai woman who recovered her sight, a little boy in hospital with third degree burns living in a bed-cage, who was discharged soon after the remedy, and a woman with an inoperable abdominal tumour pronounced clear. Really amazing! If you want to see an example of the kind of case we see many times a day, have a look here. I think you will like it.”

Read more and watch videos of their work at the following link. You can also be part of these efforts by making a donation.

More Information: A letter from Africa

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