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Agrohomeopathy: Phosphorus 6C Found to Increase Oil in Verbina Plants

11167699_1026236284072813_5361933423485053464_nHere’s something for the aromatherapists and herbalists – homeopathy can increase production in your plants.

This is just one study in which verbena oil was increased by a particular potency of Phosphorus but there are numerous studies on a range of plants show similar results – that homeopathic (potentised) remedies affect plants.

But before we become too excited, this study doesn’t help us much unless we are into growing verbena for oil. Other remedies in other potencies could have have produced equally good results and some of them possibly better than the Phosphorus. All this study really shows is that potentised remedies DO have an effect that homeopaths have utilised for centuries and its not a placebo effect.

What it doesn’t show or explain is that a potentised remedy has to mimic the symptoms of the sufferer before it can be truly homeopathic otherwise we won’t get a healing or curative response just random changes in symptoms.

What this means it is that over-the-counter homeopathy sold according to the name of an illness or disease is less likely to produce a healing response than one prescribed for the idiosyncratic symptoms of the sufferer. It won’t harm but it won’t necessarily work deep enough to cure either.

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