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Video: Homeopathy Instead of Herbicides

Professor Dinelli spent 15 years developing herbicides but this changed in 2000 with he and his wife wanting to provide a healthier environment and food for their young son. Using homeopathy instead of herbicides was one way of doing that.

Video Synopsis

  • Giovanni Dinelli is a full professor at the Department of Agricultural Science of the University of Bologna in Italy.
  • His main research areas are sustainable agriculture, organic farming and any activity related to sustainable agricultural production.
  • An important part of this is agrohomeopathy (a new way for a sustainable agriculture).
  • His research focuses on using homeopathic treatment to replace herbicides, fungicides and other harmful substances to make production more sustainable.
  • Dinelli explains how resistance is strong against homeopathy as it is considered an ‘absurd science’ by some, and that he has to fight this mentality every day.
  • All scientists embarking on homeopathic investigation face problems such as obtaining funding and having their papers published.
  • The resistance is ‘huge’ and the only way to fight it is to produce more and more evidence, and use the right scientific approach, right experimental conditions, statistical analyses, and so forth.
  • Dinelli spent the first 15 years of his career working on herbicides. This changed in 2000 when he realised how it was ‘crazy’ to spray herbicides into the environment at work while his wife was at home trying to provide a healthy environment and foods for their growing son.
  • He decided to change and only work in organic farming and sustainable agriculture.

Sample Study (full paper): Transcriptome Profiling of Wheat Seedlings following Treatment with Ultrahigh Diluted Arsenic Trioxide

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