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Study: Alcoholism Reduced

Study: Alcoholism Reduced 2

An Indian pilot study from Kerala, India that has been placed into English provides an interesting insight into what is possible when alcoholism is treated by homeopathy.

It lists the remedies which were most effective – and Nux vomica came out on top.

Of no surprise to homeopaths is that it and the secondary remedies used are all ones commonly used in homeopathic clinics.

Each remedy was prescribed according to the individualising symptoms of the participants.

Nux vomica was effective in 70% cases while Stramonium, Quracus spiritus, Syphilinum, Opium, Medorrhinum, Hepar suphuris, Mercurius solubilis, Sepia, Staphisagria, Arsenicum album, Carcinosin, Agaricus muscarius, and Tuberculinum were effective in 2% of individual cases each (totalling 26% of all prescriptions.)

At the end of the study, 67.5 % of participants were classified as “cured” from the treatment.

6.5 % of cases were unhelped by the remedies chosen.

While Nux vomica emerged as the lead remedy it would be unwise to rush out and give it to any “problem” drinker in your life as it will only help when it matches their overall pattern of symptoms.

A much better decision is to work with a qualified homoeopath who is able to choose the best remedy, potency, and frequency of dose needed by the individual.

More Information: A Pilot Study of Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Treatment in Management of Alcoholism