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Arnica to the rescue!

LeafandBottle_zpse8796b80In the lead-up to the Australian Homeopathy Awareness Week and its focus on homeopathy for trauma and disaster, Sydney homeopath Keith Avedission looks at one of homeopathy’s most popular and frequently used remedies – Arnica.

He says: “We find that Arnica has a marked affinity with the blood vessels, that leads to dilation, a stagnation of blood and increased permeability of those vessels. As a result we see that there is a tendency for the changes under the skin that present as bruising and various types of bleeding to occur. Applying the principle of Similars using Arnica helps with such conditions.”

He then explains how Arnica can be used:
– After any accident where there is shock,
– After any injury where there is bruising of muscles or contusions such as on the sporting field, or having been hit by a blunt object that would result in bruising,

  • Where you have physically over-exerted yourself while playing a sport or at the gym that would result with muscular soreness,
  • After any surgery to assist with recovery or after any dental extraction.

More Information: Arnica To The Rescue For Injuries

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