Ash Tree Die-Back: Can Homeopathy Help?

Since the 1960s the United Kingdom has lost almost all of its 25 million elm trees to Dutch Elm disease, something that is a national tragedy. Now its ash trees are facing similar devastation from Chalara, or Ash Tree die-back.

Ash die-back has already affected large areas of Northern Europe, Denmark and Sweden, and was first discovered in the UK in early 2012 on two imported stock. Now it has now broken free and spread into native woodland.

Steve Scrutton asks:

“Is this a medical issue? It certainly is! Trees and plants generally are living organisms, and they live in the same environment as we do … Our response to Ash Die-Back, just as our response to Dutch Elm disease was several decades ago, appears to be little more than a ‘scorched-earth’ policy. At the first sight of the disease, cut them down, destroy them, and then burn them.”

Steve then discusses how this last-ditch effort to contain the disease destroys the tree – something that has not worked in the past – rather than provides treatment and a cure. Rather than destruction, the homeopathic treatment option is proposed. To read more of what he says, visit:

More Information: Ash Tree Die-Back: Can Homeopathy Help?

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