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Bias in the House? Attempts to Discredit Homeopathy in the UK

Bias in the House? Attempts to Discredit Homeopathy in the UK 13
The United Kingdom has a number of homeopathic hospitals funded by the NHS (National Health Service). Recently, a Commons committee delivered a report to the British Parliament stating that the NHS should stop funding homeopathy as its remedies were “no better than a placebo”.

Homeopathic Supporters Lobby UK Parliament

Supporters of homeopathy rallied outside parliament and called for the report to be rejected because of bias and prejudice. They handed over more than 28,000 signatures of people declaring, ‘Homeopathy worked for me!”

A full report on the makeup of this committee and its decision making process can be read on the vonsyhomeopathy blog which reveals:

“ the report and its recommendations that led to the media snow this week, and the dramatic assertion that the public have been duped since 1948 by NHS placebos masquerading as medicine, is the result of a report ratified by THREE MPs:  TWO of whom were NOT EVEN PRESENT AT THE COMMITTEE MEETINGS – and ONE of the two was NOT EVEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE when the hearings were held, and is due to stand down at the election in May this year.”

Stories from Supporters

Supporters at the rally eagerly gave testimonials of how homeopathy had helped them. Watch the video clip below to see where:

  • Ethan’s mum tells how homeopathy put an end to his teething and colic problems.
  • Frankie the dog carries a placard saying that he is proof that homeopathy works because it saved him from cancer when vets gave him up for dead; hear his story.
  • Actress, Jenny Seagrove, becomes indignant about those trying to stop people’s access to homeopathy.
  • An MP tells supporters that the report was generated by a small number of people antagonistic to homeopathy but that there are 200 members of parliament who support homeopathy.
  • A farmer speaks of beneficially treating his 500 dairy cows with homeopathy.

Note: if the video is slow-loading, pause for a few seconds to let it buffer

(Source: This video was produced by homeopathic advocate, Carol Boyce. See Carol’s trailer for her in-production film of how homeopathy brings real hope to autism-afflicted children).

Stories from the Hospital

Bias in the House? Attempts to Discredit Homeopathy in the UK 14

(Susannah Ireland / The Independent)


The Independent newspaper also carried a fascinating story in which reporter, Jeremy Laurance, visited The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital to hear what its doctors and patients had to say.

Read how:

  • former policeman was frequently sick and losing time from work with bronchitis until it was cleared with homeopathy
  • A woman was placed on antidepressants when orthodox investigations and medicines weren’t able to help with her digestive problems. Homeopathic treatment is now helping.
  • One doctor said, “I have been a doctor for over 30 years. I worked as a GP before I stumbled across homeopathy like most people here. What we specialise in is people who are not helped by conventional medicine. Their suffering is long term and we can save money on NHS tests and treatment that has not proved particularly helpful.”

To read the full article from The Independent, click here.

Further Information

For more information about the rally and events surrounding the now infamous report, visit the websites of Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century and Homeopathy Worked for Me where you will find photos, a copy of the letter delivered to parliament, and more.

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