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Can homeopathy be placebo when it cures farm animals?

Cows_zps99ed89d4“One argument in favor of the true healing power of homeopathy — one that I’ve never heard countered by the skeptics — is the success of homeopathic remedies in treating animals. Even the Queen of England likes to treat her pet Corgis with homeopathy!”

So begins an article on veterinary homeopathy by Amy Lansky and Tina Anderson.

Curious about how the Queen treats her corgis? Just click on the link to find out more. While you are at it, follow links to other stories about:

  • The large scale prevention of respiratory diseases in pigs by homeopathy
  • How the EU is funding 2 million euro research on how homeopathy can be used to treat farm animals and so reduce antibiotics use
  • The reduction of anxiety in stressed mice when homeopathy is used.
  • Homeopathic alternatives to animal vaccines
  • A new veterinary repertory that helps identify the needed remedy for an unwell animal
  • The use of homeopathy in dairy herds by hundreds of New Zealand farmers
  • A UK vet who now favours homeopathy for the animals he treats
  • An Indian zoo which uses homeopathy for its animals
  • The treatment of canine tumors with homeopathy
  • Stress in captured wild birds reduced by homeopathy prior to their release back into the wild

More Information: How Can Homeopathy Be Placebo When It Cures Farm Animals?

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