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Can Plastic Make You Sick?

Can Plastic Make You Sick? 11(From the Living Wisdom magazine and the Australian Vaccinaton Network)

Arsenic in ground water – see our first story – is just one form of toxic exposure. Another more recent concern, especially in the West, is BPA used in the manufacture of some plastics and a number of other surprising substances.

In the Living Wisdom magazine, Dr Rye Senjen writes: “The use of plastics has become one of the defining characteristics of modern life. Few of us can imagine living without plastics. Plastic is used in most consumer products, in food packaging, car parts, microwaves and CD packaging to name just a few applications.”

Dr Senjen discusses how the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) is a potent hormone disrupter implicated in many diseases from obesity to cancer that has been used in everything from babies bottles to the linings of canned food and soft drinks. It has now been detected in fruit and vegetables (including fresh), fish, canned instant coffee, powdered milk and infant formula, canned milk and honey and stored water.

In this article, Dr Senjen suggests steps you can take to limit your exposure and provides a handy list of plastic numbers and codes that identify safe plastics for food and water storage.

More Information: Can Plastic Make You Sick?


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