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Cancer cells commit suicide with homeopathic remedy

ApoptosisMechanisms_zps48d6fe64We have linked to numerous studies and reports in recent times about the effect of homeopathic remedies on cancers and cancer cell lines. In this latest research, cancer cells in white mice committed suicide by apoptosis when they were given the homeopathic remedy Calcarea carbonica (Calc-c).

The interesting and educational part of this research is that similar cell death did not occur when Calc-c was applied to cancer cells in a petri dish in a laboratory, only in the live animal models. The researchers discovered that Calc-c stimulated the immune system of the mice which then targeted the cancer cells – something that could not happen in a petri dish.

The result is not a surprise to homeopaths as good homeopathic treatment prescribes on the unique symptom profile of each sufferer, not just the end result of disease such as tumours or skin rashes. Symptom-totality prescribing leads to deeper and more effective treatment that stimulates normal functioning in the regulating systems of the body so that a return to health is possible.

It is also the reason why improvement only occurred in 30 – 35% of mice; Calc-c would not have been the most appropriate remedy for all of them. So knowing this, let’s stop wasting time, spare the mice, and encourage our researchers and doctors to treat homeopathically according to the unique symptoms of each sufferer rather than the common generic symptoms of the disease. It’s the best way to stimulate a deep curative response.

More Information: Calcarea carbonica induces apoptosis in cancer cells in p53-dependent manner via an immuno-modulatory circuit

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