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Case Report: Homeopathy for Severe Mushroom Poisoning

These deadly mushrooms poisoned two women who received homeopathic treatment alongside their conventional treatment.  Poisoning by death cap mushrooms (Amanita phalloides) frequently results in death, despite the best medical treatment.

In this case report, 2 women poisoned by these mushrooms were admitted to an intensive care unit. Because of the severity of their condition, multi-organ failure, and poor prognosis, it was decided to add homeopathy to their conventional treatment.

Both women went on to recover without long-lasting damage. Sadly, two of three others who also ate the mushrooms (but did not have the homeopathic treatment) died.

The reasons for the homeopathic prescriptions given to the two women, and the change in remedies as symptoms changed, show the nature of homeopathic treatment – it has to be individualised if good results are to be achieved.

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