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The Organon - Aphorism 231-240 1

The Organon – Aphorism 231-240

§ 231 The intermittent disease deserve a special consideration, as well those that recur at certain periods – like the great number of intermittent fevers, and the apparently non-febrile affections […]

The Organon - Aphorism 221-230 3

The Organon – Aphorism 221-230

§ 221 If, however, insanity or mania (caused by fright, vexation, the abuse of spirituous liquors, etc.) have suddenly broken out as an acute disease in the patient’s ordinary calm […]

The Organon - Aphorism 211-220 5

The Organon – Aphorism 211-220

§ 211 This holds good to such an extent, that the state of the disposition of the patient often chiefly determines the selection of the homoeopathic remedy, as being a […]

The Organon - Aphorism 201-210 7

The Organon – Aphorism 201-210

§ 201 Fifth Edition It is evident that man’s vital force, when encumbered with a chronic disease which it is unable to overcome by its own powers, adopts the plan […]

The Organon - Aphorism 191-200 9

The Organon – Aphorism 191-200

§ 191 This is confirmed in the most unambiguous manner by experience, which shows in all cases that every powerful internal medicine immediately after its ingestion causes important changes in […]

The Organon - Aphorism 181-190 11

The Organon – Aphorism 181-190

§ 181 Let is not be objected that the accessory phenomena and new symptoms of this disease that now appear should be laid to the account of the medicament just […]

The Organon - Aphorism 171-180 13

The Organon – Aphorism 171-180

§ 171 Fifth Edition In non-venereal chronic disease, those, therefore, that arise from psora, we often require, in order to effect a cure, to give several antipsoric remedies in succession, […]

The Organon - Aphorism 11-20 15

The Organon – Aphorism 11-20

§ 11 Fifth Edition When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the […]

The Organon - Aphorism 21-30 17

The Organon – Aphorism 21-30

§ 21 Now, as it is undeniable that the curative principle in medicines is not in itself perceptible, and as in pure experiments with medicines conducted by the most accurate […]