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Bach flowers: Who, what, when, where, how, and why

Like homeopathy, Bach flower remedies use drop doses, are virtually tasteless, rely on the ‘essence’ of plants for their gentle healing effects, ease mental-emotional difficulties, and do this without harmful side-effects.

Using Homeopathy to ‘Detox’

I have uploaded the following 3 emails to this page as many people have been asking us about using homeopathic remedies to help them or their children eliminate heavy metals …

Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat?

The common side effects of antibiotics are well-known, but a worrying new one has emerged — weight gain. Antibiotic use causes the loss of ‘good’ bacteria from our digestive tract …

Homeopathy Saved my Son’s Life

says Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who In May, 2008, 64 year old Roger Daltrey – lead singer from rock band The Who– told The Times newspaper in England how homeopathy …

I Sniff At Homeopathy

Sugar pills? Drops that taste just like water? That’s what comes to mind for most when they think of homeopathic remedies. The fact that homeopathy does so much with so …

Peanut Allergy Cured by Peanuts?

Must be Homeopathy. In recent years, doctors have been using simple homeopathy, often without knowing, to cure anaphylactic peanut allergies in children. While homeopaths prefer to use potentised peanut so …