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Homeopathy and PTSD 1

Homeopathy and PTSD

These 9 remedies should be considered for those with PTSD who can’t relax, worry about family, easily lose their temper, or feel rushed and confused.

Remedies for Acne and Scars 2

Remedies for Acne and Scars

Have you “tried all the creams and lotions” but still need help? Take a look at these remedies for blackheads, pustules, whiteheads, cysts, discoloration and scarring.

Tackle Anger with Homeopathy 3

Tackle Anger with Homeopathy

Unresolved anger leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and emotional responses such as rudeness or violence. It’s time for a homeopathic intervention.

Surviving Infections on the Farm 4

Surviving Infections on the Farm

“By morning …The swelling had gone down by 50% and 24 hours after that, the swelling was even better! I went from feeling miserable to feeling like a total rock star!”

Remedies for Body Odour 5

Remedies for Body Odour

Smelly feet, stinky armpits, offensive sweat, or bad mouth odour? A doctor explains how these homeopathic remedies help. Your new ‘deodorant’ may be amongst them.

Troubled Ears and Homeopathy 6

Troubled Ears and Homeopathy

Sudden throbbing pain, heat and redness, one-sided infections, offensive discharges … this doctor shares his favourite remedies for these and other ear-related symptoms.

Teenager with Multiple Phobias 7

Teenager with Multiple Phobias

What do you do if you have had homeopathic treatment for 3 years with no improvement? It’s well and truly time to try a another homeopath … and this person did just that.

Remedies to Scratch Your Itch 8

Remedies to Scratch Your Itch

“Having been inundated over the past year with questions from readers suffering from eczema I have concluded that itchy skin is just as much of a frustration as pain and nausea are.”

Homeopathy for Athlete's Foot 9

Homeopathy for Athlete’s Foot

This inconvenient fugal infection responds to a number of homeopathic remedies. Intense itching, splinter-like pain, rough cracked skin can be successfully treated.