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Epistaxis and Homeopathy 1

Epistaxis and Homeopathy

Which remedy would you use to relieve a bleeding nose? Here’s a partial list of 24 to help you to help you match a remedy to symptoms so you can choose the best one for you.

Homeopathic Remedies for Calf Rearing 2

Homeopathic Remedies for Calf Rearing

This article looks at how homeopathic remedies make a big difference on the farm and, with calf rearing. It also has a remedy guide for calf problems. Moo!

Homeopathy for Pets? 3

Homeopathy for Pets?

A Vet answers questions such as “My pet has Lyme disease, hypothyroidism and arthritis. Can you help him?” and, “Can my very ill pet still benefit from homeopathic treatment?”.

Remedy for Severe Oligospermia 4

Remedy for Severe Oligospermia

Men with low sperm counts may be interested in how this man’s fertility improved when his doctor chose a remedy that also suited his irritability, intolerance, and hyperacidity.

Homeopathy and Dentistry 5

Homeopathy and Dentistry

“Homeopathic remedies are used in dentistry to improve the psychological or emotional condition of patients without the side effects of conventional drugs.”

Migraine for Homeopathy 6

Migraine for Homeopathy

24 remedies for 24 different types of migraines – pounding, throbbing, light-sensitive, nausea, congestive, bursting, visual disturbances, and other symptoms.

Homeopathy for ASD 7

Homeopathy for ASD

It has been observed since the the start of the autism epidemic that homeopathy makes a big difference for children (and adults) with an ASD. This doctor explains why.

Remedies for Mighty Glands 8

Remedies for Mighty Glands

Adrenal fatigue leads to difficulty in waking, decreased ability to handle stress, weight gain, and other unpleasant symptoms. Explore the symptom profiles of five useful remedies.

Remedies for Gardeners 9

Remedies for Gardeners

Time spent in the garden also brings aches and pains, stiffness, and stings or bites. Here are a few remedies to make sure gardening is a happy and healthy pastime.