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Study: Trigeminal Neuralgia 1

Study: Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia causes severe pain down one side of the face. This study concluded homeopathy was an effective and safe treatment.

Homeopathic Perspective - AIDS 2

Homeopathic Perspective – AIDS

“Although no therapy can or will help every HIV+ person … homeopathy is beginning to develop a reputation for helping people at varying stages of this disease.”

Autism & Homeopathy 3

Autism & Homeopathy

“Significant positive & curative response with homoeopathic medicines in subjects with ASD was found, suggesting that homoeopathic medicines can provide relief …”

Homeopathy for Horse-hurts 4

Homeopathy for Horse-hurts

Topical products for horses often contain irritating antiseptics while anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics produce their own set of problems. Homeopathic approaches do exist.

A case of Panic and Anxiety 5

A case of Panic and Anxiety

“I keep getting these panic attacks, I can’t breathe, I have a knot in my stomach, I can’t eat, my heart is pounding…” Chloe’s life changed with homeopathic treatment.

Management of Nail Disorders 6

Management of Nail Disorders

Nail disorders are not life-threatening but can be persistent, annoying or indicate a serious underlying problem. Here’s a list of remedies for common nail problems.

Homeopathy and Poison Ivy 8

Homeopathy and Poison Ivy

Do you have “creaky gate” syndrome – and sore stiff joints that loosen with movement? Rhus toxicodendron, prepared from poison ivy, is key remedy for this and a cluster of other symptoms.

Fertility problems… then homeopathy 9

Fertility problems… then homeopathy

Sara had been seeing a fertility specialist for 7 years, Kate suffered a miscarriage, Julie had a complicated menstrual history, and Leslie had been on the pill for 12 years.