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Homeopathic Bamboo

The bamboo patient feels that they have too much responsibility but lack support. Read what it can do for rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis, endometriosis, depression, & more.

Obstinate Skin Case

Which remedy cleared longstanding eczema from a woman’s knees, elbows and face? And who would have thought that her cold sores and headaches would have resolved as well?

Homeopathy Awareness Week

It’s HAW with many parts of the world celebrating between the 10th – 16th April. This year, the UK has an especially good information website with a search for local homeopaths.

Children and Learning Problems

If your child is delayed in reading, math, spelling, or writing, has dyslexia or finds it hard to understand new concepts, read on for 3 remedies and treatment reports that offer help.

Homeopathy for Cerebral Palsy

How can homeopathy help this profound condition? With remedies that match the person’s symptoms. Here’s a list of key symptoms and associated remedies.

Chestnut Bud in ADHD

Bach flower remedies are used for mental-emotional upsets including those produced by ADHD. Lack of interest and flightiness, for example, points to the Chestnut Bud remedy. 

Travelling with Homeopathy

Some thrive on travel while others struggle with anxiety, travel sickness, jet lag, insect bites, and stomach upsets. A few simple remedies put the pleasure back into travel. 

Remedies for Male Mid-Life Crisis

Is a man-friend in your life doing strange, out-of-character things, performing poorly at work or giving up a loved job? The good BHA doctors explain how homeoapathy can help.