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Autism & Homeopathy

“Significant positive & curative response with homoeopathic medicines in subjects with ASD was found, suggesting that homoeopathic medicines can provide relief …”

Homeopathy for Vertigo

The homeopathic and conventional approaches to vertigo are compared. Links to five studies and a list of useful remedies are included.

Homeopathic Perspective – AIDS

“Although no therapy can or will help every HIV+ person … homeopathy is beginning to develop a reputation for helping people at varying stages of this disease.”

Petition: Homeopathy in Canada

Canadian pharmacies are under increasing pressure to remove homeopathic products. Help protect Canadian access to OTC safe medicines by signing this petition.

Remedies for Dental Complaints

Abscess, tenderness to warm or cold liquids, dry socket, night grinding, pain, bleeding, anxiety before an appointment? Homeopathy has you covered.

Homeopathy For Hair Disease

Many things happen to hair to make our locks look less than lustrous – hair loss, fungal infections, dandruff, and premature greying are just a few. These remedies help.

Homeopathy & Cancer?

“Clinical reports reveal that the tumors completely regressed in 19 per cent or 4158 of cases, and stabilized or improved in a further 21 per cent (4596) of patients.” 

Homeopathy for Schizophrenia

The homeopathic and conventional approach to schizophrenia is contrasted. Potential remedies for its symptoms are explored. Professional treatment is advised.