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Travelling with Homeopathy

Some thrive on travel while others struggle with anxiety, travel sickness, jet lag, insect bites, and stomach upsets. A few simple remedies put the pleasure back into travel. 

Remedies for Male Mid-Life Crisis

Is a man-friend in your life doing strange, out-of-character things, performing poorly at work or giving up a loved job? The good BHA doctors explain how homeoapathy can help. 

Homeopathy for Eczema

Is your eczema weeping and crusted, scaly or thickened, or caused by dust mites, mould or certain foods? These symptoms and more find their match in homeopathic remedies. 

Homeopathy and Sleep Issues

“Zoe is a lively and engaging 11-year-old girl with increasingly vivid nightmares of shape-shifting creatures and monsters, as well as a nighttime fear of stalkers…” 

Relief from Food Poisoning

Food poisoning results in nausea, retching at the sight or smell of food, abdominal pain, cramping, unquenchable thirst, and more. Key homeopathic remedies help

Escape the Insect Bites with Homeopathy

Bites and stings usually clear after a few hours but before then, the pain and itching can be intolerable. Research shows that homeopathy makes a significant difference.

Constipation Remedies

Are you “plugged up”? Or maybe you’re concerned about the waning effectiveness or safety of over-the-counter aperients? Here’s a list of homeopathic remedies to help. 

Remedies for Superficial Injuries

Superficial injuries aren’t a matter of life and death but they do cause pain, redness, and itching. Here are some key remedies for these minor problems, but which ones?