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Case: Allergies and Homeopathy

Joe suffered from asthma, eczema and allergic keratoconjunctivitis. His dry unhealthy looking skin affected his confidence and made him self-conscious.

End of Life Care with Homeopathy

Tom’s remaining days were affected by pain, anxiety, depression, and haemorrhage. The homeopathic remedies acted quickly to relieve distressing symptoms.

Mark Twain on Homeopathy

Twain exclusively used medical doctors who had trained as homeopathic physicians, two of which became close and trusted family friends. Here’s why.

Grief and Homeopathy

With loss comes grief but a natural grieving process can be supported. The good doctors from the BHA discuss homeopathy for shock, anger, and profound sense of loss.

Placebo Effect on Cancer?

“Several homeopathic remedies are as effective as powerful chemotherapy, according to clinical trials, and thousands of cancer cases are being reversed by homeopathy alone.”

Homeopathy for Dental Complaints

Abscess, teething, TMJ pain, gingivitis, haemorrhage, teeth grinding, neuralgia, salivation, toothache, and more. Here’s a list of remedies.

Homeopathy and Measles

These 4 remedies are used for measles-related symptoms of sudden onset, high fever, dry barking cough, reddened eyes and face, throbbing headache, and more.

Clinical Indications for Sepsin

“…many physicians use it in challenging and one-sided diseases, where marked indications for other remedies are limited.” Discover the key symptoms for using this remedy.

Animals and Homeopathy

Judging by these 14 articles, the good doctors from the BHA (some of whom are Vets) view animal health as seriously as human health. Look at what they treat!