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Remedies for Heart Murmurs 1

Remedies for Heart Murmurs

Who knew there could be so many? Here are 34, drawn from Kent’s Repertory, with matching symptoms that arise from of 1st and 2nd degree heart murmurs.

Homeopathy for Addictions 2

Homeopathy for Addictions

“Twenty years of experience in the ‘Land of Hollywood’ where “everyone is addicted to something” has given Dr. Zand a broad range of knowledge upon which she based her talk.”

Homeopathic Help for Phobias 3

Homeopathic Help for Phobias

Darkness, spiders, holes, dogs, knives, birds, bridges, hair – phobias are as unique and individual as the person who suffers with them. Sounds like a job for homeopathy.

Remedies for Ear Infections 4

Remedies for Ear Infections

Research shows that ear infections respond to homeopathy. A little knowledge of key remedies can make a big difference when your child is grizzly or sick with an ear infection.

Strokes and Homeopathy 5

Strokes and Homeopathy

Compare the homeopathic and conventional approaches to the treatment and management strokes. A list of relevant remedies is provided.

Remedies for UTIs 6

Remedies for UTIs

If you’re waiting for the results of a urine culture, why not try homeopathy? There are remedies for pain on passing urine, blood-stained urine, frequency, exhaustion, and more.

Remedies for Anxiety 7

Remedies for Anxiety

Panic triggered by shock? Worry about an upcoming journey? Anxious when alone and wanting company? Homeopathy is gentle, safe option for these and other types of anxieties.

Remedies for Gardeners 8

Remedies for Gardeners

Time spent in the garden also brings aches and pains, stiffness, and stings or bites. Here are a few remedies to make sure gardening is a happy and healthy pastime.

Remedies for Mighty Glands 9

Remedies for Mighty Glands

Adrenal fatigue leads to difficulty in waking, decreased ability to handle stress, weight gain, and other unpleasant symptoms. Explore the symptom profiles of five useful remedies.