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Study: Hepatitis Treatment 1

Study: Hepatitis Treatment

Read of two cases of viral hepatitis that had failed conventional therapy yet went into sustained remissions for 2 years following homeopathic treatment.

Remedies for Anal Fistula 2

Remedies for Anal Fistula

It’s uncomfortable, painful, smelly, and, most embarrassing of all, bowel movements may be difficult to control. Here are key remedies for this difficult problem.

Homeopathy During Summer 4

Homeopathy During Summer

Sunburn, sunstroke, insect bites and stings all make summer less than enjoyable but they don’t have to stop the fun. Take a look at these helpful remedies.

The Alphabet of Potency 5

The Alphabet of Potency

What are homeopathic potencies, how are they prepared, and why can a potency be compared to an image projected onto a screen? This homeopath explains.

A Homeopathic Snake 7

A Homeopathic Snake

For the history buffs: the Lachesis muta remedy was introduced to homeopathy 200 years ago and today’s remedies of it are still sourced from the venom of that very same snake!

Sadness, Depression, and Homeopathy 8

Sadness, Depression, and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies relieve symptoms of despair, weepiness (or inability to weep), anger, intrusive thoughts, and more. Match the remedy to the symptoms.