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Influenza and Homeopathy (BHA) 1

Influenza and Homeopathy (BHA)

“I woke up after an hour and got out of bed – all the symptoms had completely disappeared! I was astounded! I had never had such an experience before …”

A Homeopathic Story 2

A Homeopathic Story

“When Yolande Diver reached a point where she couldn’t see any way forward, a homeopathic remedy pulled her from the brink & set her life on an unexpected new course.”

Diarrhoea in Children 3

Diarrhoea in Children

Does your child suffer from diarrhoea after dairy, have greenish stools, a ravenous appetite, thirstiness at night, or faintness during stool? This article may help.

Remedies for Cystitis 4

Remedies for Cystitis

A doctor who uses homeopathy provides a rundown on cystitis and the remedies that help the symptoms of urgency, frequency, smelly urine, burning pain, difficulty urination and more.

Cancer Remission and Homeopathy 6

Cancer Remission and Homeopathy

Case studies presented by the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation include brain, lung, bladder, bone and oesophageal tumours.

Septicemia in an 83-year-old 7

Septicemia in an 83-year-old

Homeopathy appeared to be helping the dehydration, organ failure and urinary tract infection which had led to septicaemia in this elderly woman … so why couldn’t her life be saved?

Diagnosis and your Tongue 8

Diagnosis and your Tongue

There’s much more to your tongue than a sense of taste. Sensation, movement, coating, colour, and texture reveal a lot – especially during homeopathic treatment.

Menstrual Difficulties 9

Menstrual Difficulties

Do you suffer from: dysmenorrhoea, metrorrhagia, leucorrhoea, or amenorrhoea? Here’s a comparison of the homeopathic and conventional approach. Relevant research is included.