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Homeopathic Help for Cats 1

Homeopathic Help for Cats

An introduction to homeopathy for cats says…“When determining the right remedy, the symptoms, behaviour, mood, likes and dislikes of the cat are all taken into account.”

Homeopathy for Depression 2

Homeopathy for Depression

A heavily-medicated 82-year-old man with depression, diplopia, fits of anger, aortic stenosis and an aneurysm was treated with homeopathy - but which remedy, and why?

A Case of Knee Pain Treated Homeopathically 3

A Case of Knee Pain Treated Homeopathically

Mrs X had pain in both knees but mostly on the right side. It was worse at night and disturbed her sleep. She felt better when walking but worse during the heat. Which remedy helped?

Homeopathic Remedies for Worms 4

Homeopathic Remedies for Worms

Cina has a reputation of being the 'go to' remedy for worms but other remedies produce even better results when the symptoms match. Here's a list of the main ones.

Homeopathy and Stroke 5

Homeopathy and Stroke

A doctor explains the types, causes and signs of stroke and how homeopathy benefits related symptoms such as numbness, dilated pupils, and one-sided paralysis.

Homeopathy for Styes 6

Homeopathy for Styes

Styes are a small but annoying problem. Homeopathic remedies not only ease existing styes but go one step further to reduce the likelihood of them returning.

Homeopathy for Chronic Fatigue 7

Homeopathy for Chronic Fatigue

Compare the conventional and homeopathic approach to this life-limiting problem. Lists of useful homeopathic remedies and relevant studies are included.

Anemia Treatment & Homeopathy 8

Anemia Treatment & Homeopathy

“The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat anemia but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.” Here's 21 remedies for different symptoms profiles.

Homeopathy and Sleep 9

Homeopathy and Sleep

Does insomnia stop you functioning during the day? This article provides a list of common homeopathic remedies for the problem and the specific symptoms they suit.