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Top 10 Remedies for Acne

Read about the top ten most frequently needed remedies for acne. If you can’t match a remedy from the list, see a homeopath for a constitutional prescription that will also help the problem.

Remedies for Frequent Urination

Having to plan your day around how easy it will be to get to a bathroom? Breathe a sigh of relief because this doctor provides a list of useful remedies for this annoying problem.

Homeopathy for Fibromyalgia

The homeopathic and conventional approach for this condition are compared and relevant studies and commonly-used remedies, listed.

Avoiding Surgery for Gallstones

In some countries, homeopathy is often used ahead of surgery by doctors for gallstones – to dissolve or help the pass them. Here’s a list of key remedies they turn to.

Study: Hot Flash Remedy

“The effect of Malagueta on the primary outcome, the intensity of hot flashes, assessed by MYMOP, was superior to that of placebo over the 4 weeks of treatment…”

Sleep Disorders of Children

Are you losing sleep because of children grinding their teeth, having nightmares, snoring, laughing, crying or talking their way through the night? These remedies may help.

PCOS & Menorrhagia Case

“If somebody tells me something, then I overthink. I keep stressing myself. I am sensitive to pain. I feel bad for animals. When they suffer. If somebody is sad, I try talking to them …”