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Treating ODD with Homeopathy

“He would clench his teeth in anger, his face would become flushed, and he would throw a fit of anger but later repent. And it was a daily affair…”. Which remedy helped this child?

Homesickness and Homeopathy

Leaving a familiar environment in order to resettle somewhere else implies numerous changes, losses and adjustments. Here’s a list of 11 common homesickness remedies.

Remedies and Whooping Cough

Clinical experience indicates that homeopathy is a viable option for pertussis. However, an unwillingness to consider any non-pharmaceutical treatment blinds us to this.

Surviving Menopause

Some women sail through menopause, others struggle with the changes it can bring. Here’s a simple list of remedies to smooth the transition when the going gets tough.

Homeopathy for Bovine Mastitis

Homeopathy is used by savvy herdsmen control bovine mastitis so that milk contaminated by bacteria and antibiotics doesn’t have to be thrown away. Here’s the remedies they use.

Homeopathy and Yellow Fever

Check the conventional and homeopathic approaches to this life-threatening disease and brush up on the remedies that suit yellow fever related symptoms.

Homeopathy for Rescues

Adapting to a new home is difficult for rescue dogs. Fortunately, homeopathic remedies soften the transition so that your new family member makes a quicker adjustment.