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Homeopathy for Sinusitis 1

Homeopathy for Sinusitis

Whether you’re suffering from thick, sticky mucous, a dirty coated tongue, deep right-sided sinus pain or more, chances are, homeopathy can help. Includes links to relevant research.

Surviving Menopause 2

Surviving Menopause

Some women sail through menopause while others struggle with the changes it brings. This simple list of remedies can help ease the transition.

Homeopathy for ADHD 3

Homeopathy for ADHD

Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? Do they fidget, interrupt others, talk incessantly, or procrastinate? These and other ADHD symptoms often respond to homeopathy.

Remedies for Shingles 4

Remedies for Shingles

A doctor explores six leading remedies that shorten the length and severity of a shingles outbreaks plus prevent or treat post-herpetic neuralgia.

Why Homeopathy for Fractures? 5

Why Homeopathy for Fractures?

The conventional and homeopathic approach to broken bones is compared. Key remedies that stimulate healing and address the swelling and pain of fractures are discussed.

5 Best Remedies for Bronchitis 6

5 Best Remedies for Bronchitis

“When it comes to treating bronchitis, Homeopathy is very effective. In fact, it is the most promising system of medicine for the treatment of bronchitis.’ says this doctor. 

Homeopathy for Babies 7

Homeopathy for Babies

It’s often said that homeopathy is about quality not quantity. Discover why that’s so and learn how and when to give remedy doses when treating your little one.

Homeopathy for Cerebral Palsy 8

Homeopathy for Cerebral Palsy

This doctor used homeopathy to help a young boy with cerebral palsy, restlessness, and cortical blindness. “My son has changed positively after starting treatment…” said his mother.

Homeopathy Treats Vitiligo 9

Homeopathy Treats Vitiligo

White milky patches on the skin, tingling sensations or burning pain. Vitiligo! It’s frequently well-treated by homeopathy. Here’s a list of common remedies.