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Tutorial 3 – Potentisation

The discovery of potentisation put an end to the potentially dangerous side-effects of homeopathic treatments; repeated dilutions and succussions introduced safe treatment for all.

Tutorial 2 – Law of Similars Discovered

Have you ever wondered how homeopathy “happened”? The answer lies with a text on malaria, a German polymath with a strong moral code, and an under-utilised law of nature.

Homeopathy: an Introduction

Homeopathy has a remarkable approach to health. Rather than relying on chemicals to control unwanted symptoms or force a particular response, homeopathy treats a person’s health problems by triggering their …

Tutorial 15 – What to Expect (Part A)

Different people have different experiences following their first homeopathic treatment. For some, the results are dramatic and profound; for others, they seem mild and almost unnoticeable. Knowing why these differences …

Tutorial 16 – What to Expect (Part B)

This tutorial continues on from Part A of ‘What to Expect From Your First Prescription’. Once you have taken your first dose of a homeopathic remedy, one of the following …