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Homeopathy Plus! Free Phone Support

What is the Phone Support Service and What Does It Offer? The Homeopathy Plus! Phone Support Service assists you with puzzling or specific questions about homeopathy. The consultants at this …

Homeopathy for Heatstroke

Heatstroke leads to agonizing headaches, a hot, red face, and collapse with coldness to the touch. It can be life-threatening but homeopathy offers rapid help with several key remedies. 

Eye Problems and Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a non-toxic approach to treatment at any age. A children’s hospital lists nine useful remedies for the symptoms of eye strain, sensitivity to light, puffiness, and more. 

Know Your Remedies: Bellis perennis (Bell-p.)

Common Names: European daisy; English daisy; common daisy; lawn daisy. General Information Bellis perennis (Bell-p.) is similar to Arnica montana (Arn.) in that it is a useful remedy for bruises, …

Our Christmas (and New Year) Gift to You

It’s an expensive time of year so we hope this $25.00 gift certificate is a welcome and useful gift. Redeem it before midnight, Thursday, 31st January 2019, on any online …

Homeoprophylaxis Conference

Register now to attend this conference in Soesterberg, Netherlands later this month. Worldwide experts will present information on homeoprophylaxis, disease, vaccine damage and more.

An Exclusive Interview

Prof Dr. Bellavite’s “search for the truth” led him to homeopathy’s doorstep. His research now avoids the use of animals, a practice homeopaths would like more widely adopted.

Why Homeopathy for Vertigo?

Simple homeopathic remedies often offer simple help for the symptoms of vertigo but which ones should you and your homeopath consider? This article provides a list of the common ones and compares the homeopathic approach to that of conventional treatment.