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Jealousy Over COVID? 1

Jealousy Over COVID?

Medical practitioners in Kerala are locking horns after Kerala Health Minister K K Shailaja backed the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine in curbing Covid-19 spread. 

COVID-19 Case Reports

Information on accessing Case Reports will be posted in our newsletter. Until then, please bookmark this page to check for updated information.

Glossary Crossword Puzzle

Below you will find a crossword puzzle for you to complete, drawn from words in the glossary. Print it, fill it in, and then head to the forum to see …

Eye Problems and Homeopathy 4

Eye Problems and Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a non-toxic approach to treatment at any age. A children’s hospital lists nine useful remedies for the symptoms of eye strain, sensitivity to light, puffiness, and more. 

The Survey Results Are In! (March 2019)

Recently, you received a survey from us asking for feedback, especially on changes you would like us to implement in Homeopathy Plus. Thank you to everyone who responded – there …

An Exclusive Interview 6

An Exclusive Interview

Prof Dr. Bellavite’s “search for the truth” led him to homeopathy’s doorstep. His research now avoids the use of animals, a practice homeopaths would like more widely adopted.

Why Homeopathy for Vertigo? 7

Why Homeopathy for Vertigo?

Simple homeopathic remedies often offer simple help for the symptoms of vertigo but which ones should you and your homeopath consider? This article provides a list of the common ones and compares the homeopathic approach to that of conventional treatment.

Easy Homeopathy Seminar FAQ

Can I book into one Seminar or do I have to do all three? You can do just one or two of the Seminars, but we strongly recommend that you …