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Looking for NHS Homeopathy? 1

Looking for NHS Homeopathy?

NHS services are being provided at Bristol and the South West. Their website also answer key questions about homeopathy and placebo, the limited evidence for conventional treatments, safety, homeopathy’s burden on the NHS, and passing fads.

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Just before you go – and this is an optional matter to the survey – the anti-homeopathy trolls have been busy with negative reviews on the Google’s Homeopathy Plus ‘My Business’ …

Answers to Preliminary Questions

If you have been reading recent Homeopathy Plus newsletter and Facebook posts, you already know that homeopath Fran Sheffield is writing a free online book about the role of homeopathy for treating autism …

What’s homeopathy? Homeopathy is the second most popular form of medicine worldwide. It’s used by millions of people to treat a wide range of problems – including anxiety. Homeopathy is …

Homeopathy helps 80 % of leprosy patients 4

Homeopathy helps 80 % of leprosy patients

The Times of India (Jan 31, 2014) reports that homeopathy has restored sensation to over 80% of 2,700 leprosy sufferers during a recent pilot project . The participants had been …

Tissue Salts

Custom Tissue Salts – Individual Remedies in Liquid Tissue Salt liquid remedies come in as a 20ml bottle and contain approximately 120 doses. $18.00 each. Try … For … Shop …

Bad habits – get rid of them with homeopathy? 5

Bad habits – get rid of them with homeopathy?

Habits, tics and twitches such as hair-twirling, thumb-sucking, nail-biting, nose picking, grimacing, drinking, smoking or drug dependency are often helped by homeopathy. Dr Souter has an interesting article with practical …