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Why Homeopathy for Vertigo?

Simple homeopathic remedies often offer simple help for the symptoms of vertigo but which ones should you and your homeopath consider? This article provides a list of the common ones and compares the homeopathic approach to that of conventional treatment.

HRI Research Conference

Explore exciting developments in homeopathic research at the International Homeopathy Research Conference in Malta from the 9th-11th June, 2017. Presentations include: disease prevention; fundamental research; pathogenetic trials, and more.

Everyday Magic – Gesundheit!

Whether it’s a kindly “bless you” or “gesundheit”, hearing these words 30 times a day is tiring. To turn sneezes into smiles, take a look at these useful homeopathy remedies to see if one of them matches your particular symptoms.

Looking for NHS Homeopathy?

NHS services are being provided at Bristol and the South West. Their website also answer key questions about homeopathy and placebo, the limited evidence for conventional treatments, safety, homeopathy’s burden on the NHS, and passing fads.

SURVEY: $10.00 Gift Coupon

Just before you go – and this is an optional matter to the survey – the anti-homeopathy trolls have been busy with negative reviews on the Google’s Homeopathy Plus ‘My Business’ …

Our Christmas Gift to You

It’s an expensive time of year so we hope this $25.00 gift certificate is a welcome and useful gift. Redeem it before midnight, Thursday, 31st January 2019, on any online …

Know Your Remedies: Arnica montana (Arn.)

Common Names: Wolf’s bane; leopard’s bane. General Information Arnica montana (Arn.) is perhaps the best known homeopathic remedy for injuries and bruising to soft tissues. It’s useful for soreness and …

Answers to Preliminary Questions

If you have been reading recent Homeopathy Plus newsletter and Facebook posts, you already know that homeopath Fran Sheffield is writing a free online book about the role of homeopathy for treating autism …