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Chopped Slug or Snail Toast?


There is nothing better when using homeopathy for plants says an avid Chopped Slug or Snail Toast? 11homeopathic gardener.

The Irish Times interviews Dublin homeopath, Martin Byrne, about agrohomeopathy – homeopathy for plants – and his upcoming workshop.
Martin says:

“All I can say is that agrohomeopathy works, by boosting the plant’s health and making it immune to attack. I use Helix tosta (the agrohomeopathic remedy for slugs and snails) in my own garden at a dilution rate of 6X or 1/1,000,000 and it’s dramatically reduced plant damage.

“Critics talk of the placebo effect when it comes to the success of homeopathic medicine in treating humans, but who ever heard of a plant displaying a placebo effect?


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