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Complexes – What They Are and How to Use Them

It’s Not So Complex!

Homeopathy achieves its best results when single remedies (simplexes) are prescribed one at a time for health problems. With a little bit of study and practice, this is something you can learn to do yourself for those minor but annoying complaints that bother you and your family.

Sometimes, though, it is not always easy to decide which remedy is best. When this happens, a Complex (combination remedy) that combines a number of remedies in the one bottle can be a helpful option. The advantages and limitations of Complexes are explained below.

What is a Complex Remedy?

A Complex is a mixture of homeopathic remedies in the one bottle. It may also be called a combination remedy. Complexes can be useful for minor or acute health problems when the needed single remedy is unknown.

What Are the Advantages of a Complex Remedy? Complexes are a “quick-fix” when you are unsure of which single homeopathic remedy to use for your problem. They will not interact with other medicines and are safe and simple to use.

What Are the Limitations of a Complex Remedy? Complexes can help but only if the remedy you need is in the mix. If not, the Complex won’t harm you but it won’t help either.

Things You Should Know About Complex Remedies

1. Complexes are designed for simple acute ailments such as motion sickness, colic, flu, teething, sprains, stings, etc. They are not suitable for chronic or recurring health problems that are much better off with the careful management of a homeopath.

2. Complexes are only intended for short-term use and should not be taken indefinitely. If your symptoms do not improve by four doses, stop taking the Complex as the remedy you need is not in the mix. At this point you should see a qualified homeopath for the one that is best for your symptoms.

3. As your symptoms improve, the doses of the Complex should be taken only as needed, i.e., when improvement stalls or symptoms start to return. More is not better with homeopathy so don’t take unnecessary doses.

4. If your homeopath is treating you for a chronic health complaint, please discuss your Complex remedy with them before taking. Too many remedies at the same time can confuse your homeopath’s treatment.

Using the Complex Remedies from Homeopathy Plus!

All Complex remedies come with simple instructions on how to use them. They taste almost like water, making them easy to use with children. Just shake the bottle well and use the dropper to place five drops into the mouth. Each bottle holds 120 doses – far more than is needed for any one problem so save the bottle for future use. All Complexes contain 10% alcohol to prevent mould or bacterial growth in the remedy. If you would like your Complex made only with distilled water, please advise us at the time of order and store the bottle in the fridge for long-term use.

Purchasing Your Remedies

To purchase your Complex remedies, please visit and order from the Homeopathy Plus! website or phone the Clinic on (61 2) 4304 0822.