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AHA Call to Action: Consumer Access to Homoeopathic Medicines At Risk

Make a submission and ask your clients to do the same, to protect homoeopathy and safeguard consumer access to homoeopathic medicines in pharmacies.

There isn’t much time to speak out; responses need to be received by Sunday 23rd July.

On 22 June 2017, a government report – Review of Pharmacy Remuneration & Regulation Interim Report (The King Review) – was released for public consultation. It is recommending that homoeopathic AHA Call to Action: Consumer Access to Homoeopathic Medicines At Risk 3products (e.g. hayfever drops, teething and colic formulas) should not be sold in pharmacies. The report bases this on the flawed National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Homeopathy Review, which concluded homoeopathic medicines are ineffective. If the King report is approved, it could mean all homoeopathic medicines would be removed from pharmacies around Australia. 

This report is the latest in an ongoing agenda to remove homoeopathy as a healthcare choice for Australians. There is real concern that homoeopathy could be the first in a long line of other natural therapies due for this kind of legislation, resulting in the community’s choice of, and access to, other natural therapies becoming difficult in the future. It also means that the manufacture of homoeopathic medicines in Australia is under threat – homoeopaths themselves may not be able to access homoeopathic medicines either.

The Report is open to public submissions
until 11.59pm, 23rd July 2017

How you can object:

  • Write a submission or answer an online questionnaire – just follow the prompts below.
  • Share this letter to as many people as you can.

How to make a submission:

Interested parties are invited to make a submission in relation to the reform options outlined in the Interim Report by either:

    1. Uploading a written submission to the Review: go to the Department of Health webpage ( and upload your submission via the ‘Department’s Consultation Hub’ (, towards the bottom of the page.


  1. Providing a short response to one or more of the reform options through an online questionnaire – which also includes a field to add your own comments (see below).

If filling out the questionnaire, you do not need to answer all the questions – just the option relating to homoeopathic products:
(Chapter 3.4: “The Role of Community Pharmacy in Medicine Supply, OPTION 3-4: SALE OF HOMEOPATHIC PRODUCTS”).

This is simple and quick.

Alternatively, if you wish to make a submission, a sample letter is provided below that you can base yours on.

Sample letter here… 

Points you can use in your own submission at this link…

Feel free to forward this information to anyone who may be interested in getting involved.

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