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Cystitis – Gone with Homeopathy!

Cystitis – Gone with Homeopathy! 11Simple cystitis and urinary tract infections are often easily treated by homeopathy – either by an acute remedy for the immediate infection or a constitutional prescription so the problem is less likely to reoccur.

In this paper, Dr Riyas studied the effects of homeopathy on cystitis in 20 women. The graphs on pages 28 – 30 show the remedies used and the dramatic improvement. Dr Riyas calmly concludes: “Homoeopathic medicines are effective in the management of cystitis.”

Other parts of this article provide a wealth of information – homeopathic and medical – on the urinary system and the problem of cystitis.

More Information: Efficacy of Homoeopathy in the Management of Cystitis

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