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Easy Homeopathy Seminar FAQ

Can I book into one Seminar or do I have to do all three?

You can do just one or two of the Seminars, but we strongly recommend that you come for the first one as it contains introductory information essential for understanding Seminars Two and Three.

I am a practitioner of another therapy. Can I do the Seminars and will they be helpful to me?

Of course you can! See below for what you will learn.

What will I learn and what will I be able to do at the end of the Seminars?

First, you will learn what homeopathy is, how it works, and what it can be used for. Second, you will learn how to use homeopathy to treat simple traumas, acute problems and emotional upsets for yourself and family. You will also learn how to dose and when it is best to see a qualified homeopath rather than self-treat.

I’m nervous in new groups. Will I be expected to talk or contribute?

Sit back and relax or choose to participate – it’s up to you. The Seminars have been designed so that everyone can feel comfortable.

Can my children come?

Babes in arms are ok, children over 12 are good (and often find the Seminars interesting) but restless in-betweens won’t enjoy them.

Will there be other Seminars in the future?

Yes! Just enter your details on the registration page, click the Send Me Updates, and we will advise you when and where the next Seminars run.

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